At the launch of Talent Garden in Ireland, we spoke with the lead stakeholders about the impact they hope this new collaborative hub will have on innovation on the island.

“I think it will really accelerate the ecosystem in this part of Dublin. It will be a natural centre of gravity that will pull in innovators from the area.”

So said Mark Bennett, country manager of Talent Garden Ireland, at the launch of the Dublin co-working space.

Hosted on the DCU Alpha Campus, Talent Garden hopes to become a hotbed of collaboration between students, start-ups and big sci-tech business in Ireland.

“We’re very lucky to have so many big corporates in our ecosystem and we as a country need to leverage that for the SME level. So what we are trying to do is bring in the corporates, bring in the SMEs, bring in the start-ups and have that talent pool in what we call the Talent Garden,” said Bennett, who went on to explain how Talent Garden membership connects people to a global community.


Words by Elaine Burke