At Huawei Ireland’s 20-year anniversary event, we spoke to experts about how Ireland can continue its tech success.

At the end of May, Huawei Ireland celebrated its 20-year anniversary, announcing that it has made an €800m economic contribution to the country.

A new report by Amárach, commissioned by Huawei, predicted that the telecoms giant will contribute €4.5bn in economic value to Ireland between now and 2030.

This could be seen as a success for Ireland as well as for Huawei, but Prof Patricia Maguire, director of the UCD Institute for Discovery, said it’s important that the country keeps the momentum going by focusing on the right areas.

“Where we’ve come in the last 20 years is just unbelievable to think. But we need to develop our talent, our skills, to go and accelerate in the next 20 years,” she said.

“It’s all about developing talent … we need absolute experts, but we need those experts to be absolutely able to speak interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary languages.”


Words by Jenny Darmody