Branding expert Tamara McCleary, founder of Thulium, spoke at Inspirefest 2016 recently about how marketers love the ability to tell a good story.

“Marketing and sales really love that ability to tell a story and connect people at a very deep level, so that they can see themselves in a product or a service,” said McCleary, explaining how life is just one long narrative.

McCleary explained that modern-day marketing is just going back to old-school ways: telling stories. Using Irish folk tales as an example, she highlighted Queen Medb.

“She had her feet placed firmly in two worlds: one in the world of form, one in the ‘other’ world. We too, male and female, have our feet placed in two worlds.

“All of us have one truth in common: this too shall pass. How do we want to write our own story?”

Words by Gordon Hunt

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