Tarah Wheeler of Symantec spoke at Inspirefest 2017 about ransomware and the future of cybersecurity.

While the world was left reeling over the recent ransomware attacks, Symantec website security czar Tarah Wheeler sees the silver lining.

Speaking at Inspirefest 2017, Wheeler pointed out that ransomware attacks are the best problem that infosec has had in years. Why?

“Companies can hide data breaches but ransomware can’t be hidden.” She said that when it comes to entering sensitive information online, we can often be left wondering if our data has been compromised. “Knowing is always, always better than not knowing.”

Wheeler also discussed the importance of human rights to privacy and said that anyone that wants to can become part of the solution.

“New minds are the ones that solve problems in information security,” she said. “We can’t use the same solutions to fix old problems. We need people who aren’t mindless drones.”

Words by Jenny Darmody