At Inspirefest 2015, Daqri co-founder Gaia Dempsey discussed the potential worldwide impact of augmented reality when combined with next-generation wearables and the internet of things.

Dempsey presented during the internet of things (IoT) session at Inspirefest, recognising how augmented reality (AR) can make IoT visible by giving embedded devices a digital interface.

A prime example of this revolutionary technology is the Daqri Smart Helmet, an AR headset that has been built for industrial work. Dempsey used the example of a wind turbine repair technician who requires a hands-free guide to repairs atop this massive structure.

Daqri’s aim is to provide people with the tools they need to create AR content by bridging the gap between those already using 3D design tools across industries, and the millions of developers worldwide using HTML and CSS and – on an even grander scale – the tens of millions of kids building in the 3D environment that is Minecraft.

The company recently opened a European HQ in Dublin to further develop the hardware and software needed to fulfil this vision.