A new kind of graduate capable of understanding software and microelectronics will be needed and a new internet of things-focused computer science degree is a step in that direction, said TSSG CEO Barry Downes.

Waterford Institute of Technology’s TSSG research group is at the forefront of transforming academic research into world-leading spinouts and start-up success stories. The TSSG focuses on vital areas like the internet of things (IoT), virtual reality, future mobile networks, smart agriculture, smart cities and the cloud.

Downes said that the forward-looking TSSG is focused on bridging the gap between science and industry.

“Our people are scientists with an industry focus who have the ability to solve problems for industry.”

In the coming weeks Waterford Institute of Technology will welcome the first students who have signed up for its computer science degree focused on the IoT opportunity.

“We believe passionately about this and there is a great opportunity for Ireland to create lots of technology in this space.”

He said that one of the challenges with IoT is it requires a broad scope of expertise ranging from coding to knowledge of microelectronics and electrical engineering.

“We want to create graduates who have that capability to solve internet of things problems end-to-end, whether it is through building a sensor, connecting it to the internet and building the software to connect it to other systems.”