Asavie’s co-founder and CTO, Tom Maher, explained how his company plans to get different IoT platforms talking to one another.

With so many different companies getting into the field of IoT, how do we avoid a potential ironic problem whereby different IoT platforms are incapable of talking to one another?

That is the interest of Asavie’s co-founder and CTO, Tom Maher, who was speaking at the recent IoT World Europe conference in Dublin.

As he explained in conversation with, different IoT platforms perform different tasks and in many cases, they wouldn’t be designed to overlap.

So, for example, a platform that works in data analytics might not have many connections with another platform that outlines how a device operates.

While Asavie as a company is attempting to get these platforms talking to one another, Maher believes that over time, the competitiveness between platforms will gradually settle to leave merged platforms, or ones that simply die off.

Words by Colm Gorey