We meet the people behind Trinity Walton Club, a learning initiative that aims to put students in the driving seat.

In 2014, Dr Arlene Gallagher founded Trinity Walton Club (TWC), an enrichment programme to promote STEM education for second-level students.

She was joined on stage at Inspirefest 2017 by Bank of Ireland’s Sarah Tully, who discussed the opportunities offered by TWC.

“I believe that great educators open the world of possibility to learners, and inspired learners offer hope back into the world.”

Finally, student and TWC alpha Sarah Joyce took the stage to explain how this educational programme broadened her mind and stimulated her entrepreneurial spirit.

“Who knew the music I was making with my violin could be explained by physics? Who knew that grass wasn’t actually green? And who knew that I could make a difference in the world?”

Words by Shelly Madden