TSSG’s Miguel Ponce de Leon warns that the internet as we know it is not fit for purpose, and will crack at the seams when 5G comes along.

Miguel Ponce de Leon is part of an EU-wide research project called Pristine to develop Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA), a computer network architecture that unifies distributed computing and telecoms.

De Leon believes that the current internet architecture, with broadband, mobile and Wi-Fi, is inefficient.

“Look, it is just not fit for purpose,” he explained.

“When you think about when the internet was designed originally back in the late 1960s, we never thought about mobility or security, which are huge issues that we see currently.

“We hear about 5G that it is going to be fabulous with all this quick activity. But the core network is just not ready. It needs to be replaced.”

Words by John Kennedy