It can be difficult to know what the best employers around are looking for in prospective candidates. We spoke to the people at Voxpro about the skills and traits that will get you hired.

How do you get hired at a top company such as Voxpro (trading as ‘Voxpro – powered by Telus International’)?

Tech skills are an obvious advantage but, in a customer-oriented environment such as the one at Voxpro, ultimately it’s a person’s personality and ability to relate to the person on the other end of the phone that will be the determining factor.

In a way, having requisite skills is just one step in the complex process of recruiting the best and brightest.

We got some fascinating insights into the talent ecosystem at Voxpro by chatting to Russell Keogh, Aniek Smith and Inês Prates about the process.


Words by Eva Short