Two young BTYSTE Business Bootcamp winners spoke to RTÉ TV presenter Zainab Boladale about the challenges women in STEM still face.

Jennifer McCarthy and Anna O’Connor both won awards at the BTYSTE Business Bootcamp earlier this year.

They sat with RTÉ TV presenter Zainab Boladale at Inspirefest 2019 to talk about their projects and achievements but also about their thoughts on the current state of play for women in STEM.

While they spoke at length about how increased interest and participation in initiatives such as the BT Young Scientist competition would give them hope for future generations, both young women also discussed the challenges faced by women in STEM.

One example O’Connor gave was when she looked for work experience in transition year. “I was told by one technology company that they don’t usually hire girls,” she said.


Words by Jenny Darmody