Yahoo’s Nate McCoy spoke to about the adtech industry and how it has changed over the years.

“Almost every time you see an ad on the internet, an auction is run. That auction is run by the publisher who has some space to sell. And they’re running that auction, typically, with a whole bunch of other companies,” said NateMcCoy, Yahoo’s global head of adtech engineering.

“Each of those companies represents tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of advertisers, all who could be potentially interested in getting their ad in front of your eyeballs at that moment in time.”

While he said the adtech industry has changed a lot over the years, he’s still optimistic about how it can address the needs of the consumer.

“As a person who doesn’t particularly like advertising, mostly because it’s irrelevant and not timed for my interest, I actually am a huge fan of making sure that people’s interests are kept at the centre of what we do,” he said.


Words by Jenny Darmody