headed down to Yahoo's Dublin office to hear about their annual TechPulse internal developers' conference.

In a sign of our increasingly globalised society, Yahoo’s TechPulse conference 2023 took place across three time zones: San Jose, California; Bangalore, India; and Dublin, Ireland.

Yahoo VP architect John McClean said TechPulse is a great opportunity for engineers, particularly junior engineers, to showcase their work to the wider organisation. “It’s a really good opportunity to gain exposure for engineers so that other people can have visibility into the work they’ve done,” McClean said.

For Dublin-based software engineer Andrew Gorman, TechPulse allows him to share his work in order to gain valuable criticism and advice, and to see the work being done elsewhere in the organisation. “It exposes me to some of the great engineering work that’s being done across Yahoo that I wouldn’t typically be exposed to every day.”

An important part of the conference is showcasing local initiatives such as this year’s Tech Women Connect, which was held in Dublin. Project manager Veronique Savard described the purpose of the event as “making time for women across the company to come together, network, discuss and learn about each other’s different areas of expertise”.


Words by Rebecca Graham