Daniel Hunt, head of engineering at Zalando, discusses his career journey and the different types of career progression that one can expect in tech.

Career progression can be an unpredictable journey, especially in tech. To get an insight into the realities of career progression in the tech sector, SiliconRepublic.com spoke to Daniel Hunt, head of engineering at fashion-tech company Zalando.

Hunt has worked at Zalando for three years. He described working as an engineering manager in the product data side of the company for two years, before he moved over to the customer data side where he now leads the customer platform team.

While speaking about career development, Hunt broke it down into two different categories: structured and unstructured, stating that this categorisation depends on the size and maturity of a company.

Hunt also spoke about the benefits of mentoring to his own progression, as well as encouraging the practice of moving around in a company to different departments and/or roles, as it can provide valuable new experience and skills. Hunt believes that moving around in Zalando helped prepare him for the next step in his career.


Words by Colin Ryan