Zile, founder of Zile Organics, explains how she ended up speaking at Inspirefest 2019 after previously volunteering at the event.

Most people will never take to the stage at a conference or large event to share their ideas and thoughts on a particular subject. Many of those that actually do will wait until they are asked.

This wasn’t the case for Zile, the founder of Zile Organics.

At this year’s Inspirefest, she took to the stage and told the audience: “Last year when I was volunteering for Inspirefest, I was so inspired. I was like, you know what? I think next year it’s going to be my turn.”

After sharing the story of how she turned that goal into reality, the entrepreneur went on to talk about how everyone should try and achieve their goals, regardless of how big or small their aims are.


Words by Kelly Earley