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How to improve your leadership skills and delegate more

13 Sep 2019

Learn how you can delegate more efficiently as a leader with this handy infographic.

There’s a common misconception about leadership that it simply involves doing more work than those around you. But a good leader, whether it be a manager or CEO, is more defined by their capacity to delegate work to others in a way that’s fair and helpful for their team, rather than the size of the workload they take on themselves.

Managers can take on a range of diverse responsibilities and it can often be daunting to rise to the challenge of leading others. One of the hardest parts can be distributing duties to team members, often due to guilt, habit or a lack of trust.

Trust is critical in delegation. At its core, to delegate is to entrust a task to another person, authorising them to complete it on the company’s behalf. So cultivating that trust is a great place to start, and a major step towards becoming an efficient and well-rounded leader.

Still not sure how to delegate? Headway Capital has created a useful guide to help people in leadership roles to navigate the nuances of delegating.

This is particularly aimed at leaders who find themselves constantly behind schedule and using up their time for routine tasks beyond their job remit.

“We created this guide because we know that delegation doesn’t come naturally for many small business owners. In fact, delegating tasks goes against what most business owners do during the start-up phase: wear as many hats as possible,” said Barbara Davidson, senior content strategist at Headway Capital.

“Without delegation, the success of a small business is certainly limited so we hope our infographic will help show the importance of letting go to focus on growing your business.”

An infographic describing tips to improve delegation skills

Image: Headway Capital

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Lisa Ardill
By Lisa Ardill

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