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Careers is for those with, or considering, a career in science and tech. In the Advice channel, you’ll learn how to build and develop your career from experts in the industry, while the People channel gives real insight into the lives of sci-tech employees. In the Jobs channel you’ll find jobs announcements from the Irish STEM sector as well as employment reports. For in-depth sci-tech employer profiles, head straight to our Employers channel.

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We have dedicated pages especially for our Women Invent series, which profiles top women in STEM, and Inspirefest, our annual sci-tech event featuring a diverse range of international speakers.

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Inspirefest is an annual international sci-tech event hosted by Silicon Republic to explore fresh perspectives on leadership, innovation and diversity. You can find all the latest news from this event on our Inspirefest channel or check out this year’s event at www.inspirefest.com, where you can also sign up for the Inspirefest Newsletter. This delivers exclusive offers along with news and updates from the Inspirefest community every fortnight.

Updated: 28 February 2018

Letterbox image by Anton Gvozdikov via Shutterstock