How to handle meetings when you’re an introvert

How to handle meetings when you’re an introvert

20 Apr 20182.15k Views

If you’re an introvert, meetings probably fill you with dread. These tips, however, could help you leverage your strengths to make meetings work for you.

Meetings are an integral part of working life, albeit an occasionally flawed one, and this can be very difficult to deal with if you’re naturally an introverted person.

If you’re an introvert, you’re probably more inclined towards either working on your own or dealing with people one on one. There’s nothing wrong with this – in fact, these traits can be huge professional strengths – but it can make getting your voice heard in a meeting quite daunting.

Yet meetings don’t have to be the anxiety-inducing nightmare that they may initially seem. If anything, it’s possible for an introvert to absolutely excel in group meeting settings – if they play to their strengths.

On Stride has prepared a helpful infographic to demonstrate simple, practical ways that you can make meetings work for you.

For example, it’s a good idea to look over the agenda and form your opinions prior to a meeting. If you’re introverted, it’ll be easier to think clearly in solitude as opposed to in the crowded meeting environment. Additionally, anxiety about speaking in public can be allayed by figuring out the wording of what you’re going to say in advance.

If you’re feeling nervous, it’s also probably best to avoid that pre-meeting cup of coffee. The stimulating effect of caffeine likely won’t do you any favours if you’re feeling nervous to begin with.

Another good way to take on more responsibility without putting yourself in the spotlight is to volunteer to be the one who sums things up, be that by taking the minutes or creating an action plan or to-do list based on what was discussed.

This will allow you to spend more time listening in the meeting while still demonstrating your skills and value to the team.

For some more advice on getting your voice heard as an introvert, check out the infographic below.


Infographic: On Stride

Eva Short
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