Here are 8 awesome soundtracks to get you through your work day
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Here are 8 awesome soundtracks to get you through your work day

6 Dec 2017

Whether you need to liven up an otherwise dull task or hone your focus to power through a long assignment with an impending deadline, here’s a selection of music to soundtrack your working day.

There has been consistent scholarly interest in how listening to music affects us, especially while we’re doing cognitively taxing activities.

Some studies indicate that listening to music you perceive as ‘positive’ while working can foster creativity and productivity due to the happy, positive mood it engenders.

The famed ‘Mozart effect’ is well documented, which puts forward the idea that listening to Mozart’s music may lead to a temporary improvement in ‘spatial-temporal reasoning’.

It seems needlessly restrictive to think that Vivaldi and ambient low-level nature sounds are the only acceptable things to listen to while working, though. In reality, whatever you prefer will probably be the best thing for you.

You may already have that one long YouTube soundtrack that you depend on to jazz up a repetitive task or help you focus before a deadline but, if you’re at a loss for music to get you through the working day, here are a few suggestions.

Theory of Everything – Full Soundtrack

The tinkling piano and swelling violins that soundtrack The Theory of Everything – the award-winning romantic biopic about Jane Hawking’s relationship with her ex-husband Stephen – are ideal for both soothing you and improving your concentration.

Stranger Things – Retro Synthwave Mixtape

If you enjoy the spooky, ambient, retro synths of critically acclaimed Netflix show Stranger Things, this soundtrack will be a great pairing with the clacking of your keyboard as you speed through daily tasks.

Of course, if you’d prefer to listen to the nostalgic ’80s hits featured in the show, you can listen to the full song soundtrack.

Animal Crossing – Relaxing Music Compilation

While the latest iteration of the wildly popular Japanese game series Animal Crossing may be getting mixed reviews, it’s hard not to fall for the downright adorable and laid-back music that soundtracks the game.

You can now elegantly marry your hectic workday with these cute and relaxing sounds, which are created by a variety of instruments.

Stick this on, and imagine you are wandering through an idyllic digital landscape, picking fruit and trying to get pixelated animals to like you.

This Is: Hans Zimmer

There’s a reason Hans Zimmer is a legend in his field. His intricate and evocative compositions have accompanied some of the most successful films in recent times, and their triumphant swells are a great accompaniment to work that requires incredible attention or lofty ambition.

Studio Ghilbi  – Relaxing Piano Collection

Travelling in the same vein as the Animal Crossing soundtrack, this collection of the wistful scores from anime behemoth Studio Ghilbi is impossible not to love.

With this in the background, serenity will wash over you. If you feel like enhancing the relaxation element, there’s a version that adds rain effects.

Sims 3 – Complete Soundtrack

Anyone who has played any of the games in the Sims franchise will be extremely familiar with the incredible bursts of focus that the game and its soundtrack can offer.

If you want to channel the energy you put into building basements for your virtual families into your work, listening to this soundtrack could be a big help.

Eva Short
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