10 memes optometrists should see the funny side of

6 Aug 2015

In this week’s look at the STEM sector, we examine the work of optometrists, something a sight more complex than it appears to be at first glance.

Optometrists, as you may have divined from that pun-heavy intro, make their living from studying the eye.

Utilising specialist equipment, optometrists examine the eye for signs of disease and degeneration. They do not provide treatment for diseases or other medical conditions, but will refer patients to doctors or specialists as required.

What they do: Assess eye health, looking for defects or disease, prescribing corrective lenses, and refer patients to medical practitioners if necessary.

What they don’t do: Tell you if those glasses make your head look weird.

Educational requirements: To work as an optometrist in Ireland, you must have successfully completed a four-year BSc in Optometry, and passed professional qualifying exams. A postgraduate degree is not required.

Skills: An understanding of scientific principles, a willingness to keep up with scientific and technological developments, strong powers of observation, meticulous record keeping, manual dexterity, and a decent bedside manner.

Here are some memes that should be crystal clear to anyone with a background in optometry:

Optometrists: People laughing - showed him the same thing, asked if one or two was better

Optometrists: Fry - not sure if world getting blurrier or need to visit optometrist

Optometrists: Maury - said you never sleep in your lenses. According to your corneas, that was a lie

Optometrists: Cross-eyed teacher couldn't control his pupils

Okay, we know these are all pretty bad.

Optometrists: Picard - These optometry jokes keep getting cornea and cornea

But you haven’t seen the end of them – we’re only halfway through.

Optometrists: The Rock driving - why are optometrists so smart? Because they were good pupils

Optometrists: Dad joke dog - Lens arrested. Asked for alibi. Said he was being framed.

Optometrists: Leonardo DiCaprio - why do optometrists live long lives? Because they dilate

Optometrists: Pun dog - optometrist caught in lens grinder. Made a spectacle of himself

And just to give you a real taste of what optometrists have to put up with, here’s a classic scene from Friends:

Main image, via Shutterstock

Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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