10 memes to help students survive the Leaving Cert results

11 Aug 2015

Leaving Cert results day is almost upon us so, to ‘celebrate’, here are 10 things to hopefully spread some smiles among the masses of nervous students.

For those unaware, the Leaving Certificate is the final exam students of Irish schools go through before college.

It can be a stressful affair, often needlessly so, with anything from points to peers adding to the unhappiness.

However, the day is merely one fleeting moment in a student’s life, offering remarkably little insight into who that person is and what they will become.

Hopefully, so, these memes, tweets and videos offer some solace during what is no doubt a terribly unenjoyable few hours.

Leaving cert meme study plan

Memes | Leaving cert results | extra paper

leaving_cert_memes_03 " leaving cert results strut

leaving_cert_memes_04 | leaving cert results

Leaving cert results - study time meme

leaving_cert no idea | leaving cert results

Of course, there is plenty of help out there for anyone feeling unduly stressed, too, with Reach Out just one of the organisations offering excellent advice.

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