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7 HR companies making a difference in the world of work

16 Aug 2018

There’s a lot we need to improve about the working world. Luckily, there are plenty of companies trying to make a difference.

The world of work is changing all the time. New jobs are developing, traditional roles are evolving and the way we work is in the process of flipping on its head.

Even what we value in working life has changed monumentally. Where company loyalty was once extremely valued, and it was very much an employer’s market, the talent gap has led to employees setting the agenda for what is really important in the future of work.

Employees no longer settle for a decent salary and job stability or shiny perks and freebies. Sure, those things are important. However, a lot of the top talent out there can get that wherever they go, so now companies have to offer something more.

Companies need to put more emphasis on recruiting without unconscious bias. They need to have strategic measures in place for a diverse and inclusive workplace. They need to think about their corporate social responsibility.

While the big firms catch up to these things, there are a vast number of HR tech companies already working hard to change how traditional companies work.

We decided to look at seven HR tech companies that are making a real difference to the world of work.


Atipica considers itself the world’s first inclusive AI for the talent life cycle. Atipica helps its clients understand and build diverse teams.

Founded in 2015 by Laura I Gómez, a proud immigrant raised in Silicon Valley, Atipica has a dedicated team of engineers, data scientists and leaders continuously thinking about diversity, inclusion and empathetic tech.


Having the skills to do a job is one thing but being able to fit into an established culture is a whole other story. Good&Co is a software platform that strives to work for both jobseekers and recruiters to find the perfect culture fit for them.

Dubbing itself as ‘Myers-Briggs meets LinkedIn’, Good&Co was founded in 2012 and has raised more than $10m in funding since then.

Tandem HR Solutions

The annual performance review has become antiquated in recent years, and Tandem HR Solutions looks to improve the process of employee feedback and performance management.

Tandem HR Solutions was founded in 2016 by experienced HR professionals Aisling Teillard and Clare Bonham. The company announced 40 jobs at the end of last year on the back of receiving €2m in seed funding.

Hatch Analytics

Companies seeking top talent will want to make their workplace as appealing as possible. Hatch Analytics works with clients to do this through behavioural science and analytics.

Founded in 2014 by former Inspirefest speaker Monica Parker, Hatch Analytics works to identify unique solutions based on data with a human-centric approach to ensure every workplace is the best it can be.


With the expanding technology market and digital transformation taking the working world by storm, Cultivate was built to ensure employees can foster better relationships with digital communication.

Founded last year, Cultivate uses AI and machine learning to derive social insights from companies’ digital platforms in order to maximise potential.


Diversity and inclusion are vital to a good workplace, so it’s no surprise that plenty of companies are looking to improve in this area. Werkin aims to encourage more diversity and inclusion through tech-enabled mentorship.

Founded by LGBTQ entrepreneur Hayley Sudbury, Werkin focuses on mentorship, onboarding, learning and development, and ensuring companies meet their diversity and inclusion targets.


Another essential element to a great workplace is the ability to develop and upskill. Enovation has been creating online learning, compliance, performance and talent management solutions for nearly 20 years.

Through training and talent management, Enovation delivers a solution for companies who need to onboard talent all over the world, while also helping employees with their own skills development.

Jenny Darmody
By Jenny Darmody

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