A man wearing a purple Accenture t-shirt is using a VR headset, demonstrating using the metaverse.
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Can the metaverse be used to onboard new employees?

7 Jul 2022

We spoke to Accenture Ireland’s Kevin Ennis about how the company is using new technologies in its recruitment strategies.

The metaverse has already entered the world of work. Hays Technology’s Olivier Pacaud recently wrote about the potential impact the metaverse and other technologies could have on recruitment.

And now, professional services firm Accenture is using the metaverse as part of its recruitment and onboarding strategies.

At the recent GradIreland summer fair, Accenture was demonstrating its VR environment where people could explore the Accenture-branded metaverse.

Accenture Ireland’s talent brand lead, Kevin Ennis, said the metaverse gives people “a more immersive experience” and allows them to meet their colleagues virtually. It also allows them to get familiar with the technology they may be using in their job, he added.

“When they get onboarded to Accenture, every new employee is going to go through the onboarding process in the metaverse now, which differs hugely from where it would have been two or three years ago, and even over the last couple of years when everything has been online through Microsoft Teams,” said Ennis.

“We’re heavily invested in working with the latest and best technology and we can apply that then to our own work as well as the work that we do with our clients.”

What jobseekers need to know

As it demonstrated its metaverse technology at the GradIreland fair, Accenture was heavily promoting its graduate streams. Ennis said the company will be going live with a wide range of graduate roles in September.

“Things like consulting but also cybersecurity, analytics and technology really broadly speaking,” he said. “We also do have a lot of experienced hire roles available as well.”

Ennis advised potential candidates to do some research into Accenture because there are so many different career opportunities available.

“You can take your career anywhere you want depending on what level of interest you have in different areas,” he said.

“If there’s something specific that you’re interested in, whether it’s the metaverse or something else, you have an opportunity to expand your career into that direction and really then just jump in and apply.”

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