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These are the recruitment trends that will define 2019

1 Feb 2019

From AIs to inbound marketing, these are the recruitment trends that are going to impact how jobs are filled in 2019.

Whether you work in recruitment or not, the recruitment process will touch your life at some point. Most people of working age have, at some point, participated in a job search. This means that even if you aren’t a HR professional, the recruitment trends that will shape 2019 are applicable to you to some degree. So, what are these trends?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a massive impact on the world of recruitment, much as it will on the world in general. The iterations you will encounter in the job search will likely be natural language processing (NLP) and cognitive automation (CA). According to research from Bersin by Deloitte, 40pc of companies surveyed are already leveraging one AI technology or more for HR.

NLP is a much more sophisticated and detailed version of text analysis. It allows HR teams to extract information from résumés, such as skills, education and work experience. The NLP system will match these up to the job specifications and identify suitable candidates quickly. It can also monitor social media channels and help whittle down candidates based on how their values align with company culture. This presents new challenges for candidates who now have to navigate changing their CVs to be algorithm-friendly.

NLP isn’t only applicable to prospective employees, but current ones as well. It can analyse feedback on survey results to quickly gauge employee sentiment in order to help avoid high turnover.

CA serves a similar function, though it is distinct in that it acts more as a virtual assistant. It uses statistical data analysis and machine learning to support HR team decision-making.

The future has arrived in the world of recruitment, and the shift in the industry marked by the rise of these technologies is bound to fundamentally change the way people are hiring. These changes are only some of the many to come. To see more of the most prominent recruitment trends set to shake up the HR world in 2019, check out the infographic below provided by Manila Recruitment.

An infographic detailing the recruitment trends that will define 2019

Click to enlarge. Infographic: Manila Recruitment

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