Who works more hours: people in Germany or Greece? (infographic)

27 Nov 2015

If you had to guess, which country would you say has the longest working hours in the world?

The US? Germany? In fact, according to this infographic, compiled by GetVoIP, the answer to who works more hours is the Turks – with Turkey clocking in at 51.2 hours worked per week.

Hong Kong (49 hours), Mexico (48.8 hours), Dubai (48 hours) and South Korea (47.7 hours) make up the remainder of the top 5.

Denmark (38.3 hours), The Netherlands (39.1 hours) and Norway (39.1 hours) have the shortest working weeks.

According to this infographic, which looks to be based on 2014 stats, people in Greece (44.8 hours) work longer hours than those in Germany (40.8 hours) – with people in Ireland being recorded as working the exact same number of hours as the Germans.

Who works more hours?

Who works most? Construction workers image via Shutterstock

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