CPD crucial as skills keep changing, says Clara Gough, Fidelity Investments (video)
Clara Gough, staffing consultant, Fidelity Investments

CPD crucial as skills keep changing, says Clara Gough, Fidelity Investments (video)

21 Feb 2014

Fidelity Investments staffing consultant Clara Gough spoke to Siliconrepublic.com at Career Zoo 2014 about the recruitment challenges the company faces and how important it is for employees to keep learning.

Fidelity Investments has had a presence in Ireland since 1996. The company saw significant growth last year and continues to expand in 2014, and so Gough was at Career Zoo in Dublin on 15 February, looking for tech staff to fill a range of positions.

While Gough has noticed a skills shortage in certain areas, she’s encouraged by the people Fidelity has hired coming from conversion courses, showing that people from different backgrounds can adapt to a career in tech. This also shows the ability for professionals to keep learning new skills, which is essential to stay afloat in a fast-moving industry.

“What we’re really seeing in technology is that you have to do continuous professional development, and skills are changing all of the time,” she said. When it comes to future jobs, she believes data analytics is a good area to focus on.

Elaine Burke
By Elaine Burke

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