Facebook looks to hire extra 100 staff in Dublin

7 Dec 2010

Facebook wants to recruit an extra 100 staff for its Europe, Middle East and Africa headquarters in Dublin over the next year.

Facebook has more than 200 employees in its Dublin base. The employees work in advertising, multilingual sales support, finances and human resources. A small portion of the staff covers engineering.

According to the Guardian, Facebook will recruit 100 new positions within its Irish EMEA headquarters.

Colm Long, Facebook’s director of online operations in Dublin, said he was “very encouraged” by how helpful the Irish Government and agencies have been, despite how he believed it was “not a very popular thing to say.”

“Ireland is very business friendly – you can get talent quickly not just from Ireland but from abroad,” said Long.

“Other countries are tightening up on immigration and that’s understandable.

“The Irish Government’s approach, though they are cognisant of that, is that they understand you are a growing business … they know that to help our business we’ll need more people and the Government will need to be flexible and forward thinking,” he said.

As a result, Long feels they can create “really meaningful employment opportunities for graduates” in order to instill optimism that “they don’t have to emigrate for opportunities.”

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