Steve Ashmore, Head of Technology Services and SVP, Fidelity Investments
Steve Ashmore, Head of Technology Services and SVP at Fidelity. Photo: Connor McKenna

Fidelity: jobs market holds employers to higher standard

16 Sep 2015

The 10th edition of the biannual Career Zoo, Ireland’s largest tech recruitment event, took place this past weekend, drawing jobseekers from around the world to speak to employers in the hopes of securing employment. Fidelity Investments was there to tell candidates what they look for from potential hires. spoke to Steve Ashmore, Head of Technology Services and SVP at Fidelity, about what people need to know if they’re interested in working at the technology and services company.

Ashmore talked about how the economic recovery is driving a competitive jobs market, forcing employers to stay at the top of their game to attract the best candidates.

For Fidelity, he said, the best candidates are often the ones who most want to grow their career in the company – though, of course, a range of other criteria is essential as well.

Speaking about diversity, Ashmore touched on Inspirefest – Silicon Republic’s unique diversity, leadership and innovation tech event – referencing Fidelity’s CTO Steve Neff, who at Inspirefest 2015 espoused the virtues of ‘innovation through diversity, and diversity through innovation’.

Ashmore also discussed Fidelity’s extensive graduate and internship programmes, speaking about how each is connected. Fidelity aims each year to convert at least 50pc of interns to the graduate programme, Leap, which allows grads to get a real feel for working within Fidelity.

Finally, Ashmore touched on some of the skills Fidelity wants its employees to have.


Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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