Intel’s innovative careers in Shannon hub (video)
Mike Brennan, director of engineering at Intel in Shannon

Intel’s innovative careers in Shannon hub (video)

20 Mar 2015

Mike Brennan, director of engineering at Intel in Shannon, tells us what it’s like to work in the west of Ireland, and why people with programming skills are so important.

Situated near Ennis and Limerick City, Intel has been operating in Shannon since 2000. Its R&D centre has more than 250 employees across fields such as software design, silicon design, technical marketing and system architecture.

“The roles we have here are very challenging,” explains Brennan.

“The idea of taking proprietary software on legacy hardware and importing it to common off-the-shelve hardware is particularly challenging. The technical challenge really focuses the mind.”

With a reputation in developing the products and technologies that power nine out of every 10 servers sold in the world, Intel thrives on creating the latest and greatest for everything from high-end co-processors for supercomputers all the way to the low-energy systems used for the cloud.

“We encourage staff to become masters in their field. With mastery comes autonomy. People have more time and space to decide what they do.”

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