Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s career options in Dublin
Brian Leahy and Rob Cahill, heads of technology, Ireland, at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s career options in Dublin

19 Feb 2015

Brian Leahy and Rob Cahill tell us who Bank of America Merrill Lynch is looking to employ in Dublin, and why technology roles offer exciting opportunities.

Reporting, analytics and web development are just three areas the heads of technology highlight as priorities, with technology and operations at Bank of America Merrill Lynch encompassing more than 100,000 employees worldwide.

“With an organisation that size,” said Leahy. “People get the opportunity to work on large, complex projects.

“People understand the complexity, they work with people across 34 countries and they work with the most talented people in the industry, from both an innovation and development perspective.”

One of the largest financial organisations in the world, Bank of America invests a huge amount of time in training its staff.

“Here in Dublin we settle billions of dollars of trade every day,” said Cahill. “The technology that does that gives the company its competitive advantage.”

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