Clive Foley and Charles Dowd, co-founders of Plynk. Image: Plynk
From left: Charles Dowd and Clive Foley, co-founders of Plynk. Image: Plynk

Irish fintech start-up Plynk announces 40 new jobs

3 Oct 2017

Money messaging app Plynk is expanding its Dublin HQ, with a diverse range of roles up for grabs.

Plynk is hiring and there is a wide variety of positions for the taking, in areas such as back-end software engineering, UX design, app development and customer service.

Founded in 2015 by Charles Dowd and Clive Foley, Plynk recently completed a €25m Series A funding round, led by private investment trust Suisse Privée Ltd.

Dowd explained that Plynk wants to expand further into Europe “with eyes on Spain and Portugal next”. The company is aiming high, hoping to become the de facto European money messaging app.

Ireland’s burgeoning fintech scene

The Plynk offices are based near Camden Street in Dublin’s bustling city centre, and the talent acquisition will be handled by specialist recruitment firm Recruiters to grow workforce numbers, explained Dowd.

“By harnessing the power and expertise of Recruiters, we will build a team of dedicated representatives, creative designers and innovative engineers to further position us as a global fintech heavyweight.”

The 40 roles will be filled over the next year.

Brian McFadden, co-founder of Recruiters, said: “The vibrant IT talent pool in Dublin is calling out for projects of this nature. These opportunities represent a chance for enthusiastic professionals to join the team at Plynk. In addition to the innovative product, the dynamic leadership team presents a superb opportunity for our candidates.”

Dowd added: “The new roles offer an exciting opportunity to be part of a leading fintech organisation, continuing with the development of our core product and building more features that are unique to the social payments industry.”

Plynk aims to make mobile payments ubiquitous spoke to Plynk in April of this year, where Dowd explained that although the product is simple to use, it is very complex under the hood.

“On the user-facing side, we have a mobile app that looks like a messenger but is sitting on top of some complex financial products.

“All our engagement in the app is driven by bots and on downloading the app; users are engaged in conversation by Plynkbot, who asks them some simple know-your-customer questions.

“Once answered, the user is issued with an IBAN and Mastercard so they can begin loading and spending money on their Plynk account instantly.”

These new jobs look set to give Plynk the people power necessary to become a major fintech player in the near future.

Ellen Tannam
By Ellen Tannam

Ellen Tannam was a journalist with Silicon Republic, covering all manner of business and tech subjects. She keeps her library card close at hand at all times and is a big fan of babies, chocolate and Sleater-Kinney.

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