Behind the scenes at Aon’s Dublin workplace (video)
Constantin Beier, CEO of the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics

Behind the scenes at Aon’s Dublin workplace (video)

8 Dec 2014655 Views

In our Look Inside series, Constantin Beier, CEO of the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics (ACIA) in Dublin, reveals what employees the company will be seeking in 2015.

Big data is becoming big business and with that, Aon is looking for new talent.

“ACIA is Aon’s analytics engine. We’re bringing together data from the 120 countries in which Aon is active and here we consolidate this data, analyse it and turn it into insights for our colleagues to advise clients,” explains Beier, who says he’s looking to hire 20-25 people in the next year.

The roles Aon wants to fill the most are developers, senior analysts, and positions for people with business backgrounds.

“We have a summer intern programme that has brought us talent here, we have had people that have since stayed on. We’re also looking to introduce a graduate programme.

“For us, the main challenge is finding someone with the right technical ability, as well as the right business acumen. It’s really important for us to find talent that has gained business experience relatively early on.”

The Look Inside video series offers an insight into our Featured Employers and the types of roles and candidates that companies are looking for.

By Gordon Hunt

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