In March 2017, Silicon Republic will present a special week of content focused on the emerging technology set to shape our lives sooner than we might even be ready for.

Silicon Republic reports from the forefront of science and technology, letting our readers know what to expect next, long before it becomes a household norm. Through our Machines channel, we cover the latest developments in industrial technology, the advent of artificial intelligence and the computing power behind the world’s ongoing digital transformation.

Over the course of one week in March, March of the Machines will provide cutting-edge content on the machines that have now become an intrinsic part of our lives. We will discuss topics that range from the industrial internet of things to the ethics of AI to our oncoming driverless future, not to mention what all this advanced technology means for the future of work.

Get in touch with our business development manager, Ailbhe Lee, if your brand needs to be seen by our audience of sci-tech professionals in context with the future of technology.

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Image: Josh McCann/Shutterstock