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Priyanka Chilveri. Image: BD

How to find your feet when moving with your family to a new country

8 Jan 2019

While moving abroad for work can be a daunting affair on its own, uprooting your family can add extra complication and strain. BD’s Priyanka Chilveri, however, took some sensible measures to make the transition smoother.

Moving to a new country is a huge change to make in your life. You have to find new accommodation, a new job, make new friends, and orient yourself with a new, unfamiliar location. It is a complicated affair to begin with, but one doubly complicated when you are uprooting your entire family.

Priyanka Chilveri, a junior project manager from BD, shared some of the practical, low-effort steps she put into place to make her move to Ireland easier for her, her husband and her child.

Where are you from and what’s it like there?

I am from one of the metropolitan cities in India called Hyderabad. I was born and lived there for 24 years before I moved to Germany to do my master’s degree. The city has 500 years of rich history and was one of the modern cities of that era. The popular dish biryani originates from Hyderabad.

Over time, Hyderabad has developed into a modern, vibrant city known for its high-tech software and pharmaceutical industries. It is now home to almost 8.7m people of different cultures and faith but there is still a cultural, old part to the city, too. The things that tourists enjoy most about Hyderabad are its climate, culture, food, talent and welcoming people.

How long have you been in Ireland?

I moved to Ireland in 2017.

What prompted your decision to move here?

I previously worked in London as a project engineer. It was then I decided to pursue further studies in project management in order to supplement my project engineering experience. After researching different options, I finally chose Kemmy Business School in University of Limerick to study a master’s in project management. I knew it was going to be a huge change to be a student again but, considering the future prospects, I was confident and happy about the move. My husband and child moved along with me.

What’s your role in BD?

Towards the end of my project management course, I was offered a role with BD in Limerick as a junior project manager with the medication and management solutions business unit.

How would you describe your working environment?

Having experienced various work cultures in both India and Europe, I can honestly say that BD is one of the best. The thing that has impressed me the most is the work-life balance and the help I received from BD’s management and my co-workers.

I also like working with a medical company because you get the satisfaction of working on projects that will improve people’s health.

What do you like most about your job?

Working in project management was one of my career goals. The role comes with many responsibilities and challenges, and it can be stressful at times. But what I like about the job is that we all work together and help each other out. Every day, I learn something new and there are many opportunities to develop and improve.

Was it difficult to adjust to living and working in Ireland?

Before moving here, my husband and I did some research into what life was like in Ireland. We developed contacts before we moved, which we found very supportive in helping us find an apartment and in getting to know the place better. The real challenge was moving with an infant and finding a place in a suitable crèche. However, with the help of local people and some groups in Limerick, we eventually found good childcare close to our apartment.

What surprised you about moving to Ireland, if anything?

The biggest surprise was finding out how friendly and fun the people are. Irish people are very curious to know about my culture and where I come from. Limerick city also comes with many surprises. We particularly enjoy the events in the city, such as the St Patrick’s Day festival, which is one of my favourites.

How does your working life help to make you feel at home here?

BD recruits candidates from all over the world and works hard to help them settle in. The working environment and atmosphere in the office are always pleasant and comfortable, and that really helps to make me feel at home here.

What do you like most about your adopted home?

I find the people to be very friendly, helpful and empathetic. I also made some good friends during my time in University of Limerick, and that really helped to make my studies enjoyable.

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