What’s the difference between technical and adaptive leadership, and which one is best? AIB’s Tim Hynes explained all at Inspirefest 2019.

When he first started as CIO at AIB, Tim Hynes didn’t go in all guns blazing, implementing radical changes from the get-go.

“When I came in, there were issues that urgently needed to be dealt with. A large organisation, a couple of thousand people, and you have things that have to be dealt with quickly and you’ve got the board and other people, the leaders in the organisation, saying, ‘That’s on fire, you’ve got to fix that, stop the bleeding.’”

Instead, he explained to the Inspirefest 2019 audience, he decided to listen.

“But if you want to actually deliver significant and sustainable improvement in the environment you are working in, you’ve got to be able to sit back and look at it – the concept is called ‘sitting in the fire’.”

Once he had assessed the situation, he was able to come back with a three-year plan that has proven to be very successful for AIB.


Words by Shelly Madden