In conversation with Ann O’Dea, IDA Ireland CEO Martin Shanahan said he doesn’t believe the change to corporate tax will negatively impact Ireland.

Earlier this year, a global OECD pact saw Ireland’s historic corporate tax rate of 12.5pc move to 15pc.

As part of a new Conversations with Leaders series, Future Human curator Ann O’Dea spoke to IDA Ireland CEO Martin Shanahan about what this means for Ireland.

“In terms of the impact it will have on FDI, I don’t believe it will have a significant impact on the current base of foreign direct investment that is here already, and I believe that we will continue to see a flow of investment,” he said.

“The flow of investment in the year to date has been extraordinarily strong, building on a very strong 2020 despite the pandemic. Many of the decisions that have been made in recent months have been made in full knowledge of the fact that Ireland is having this discussion at the OECD, and I think by the time the announcement finally came it will not have come as a huge surprise to many of the client companies already operating here.”


Words by Jenny Darmody