We spoke researchers at the SFI Science Summit about climate action and making Ireland’s society more sustainable.

In advance of Science Week 2019, Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) held its annual Science Summit in Athlone, bringing together some of the top researchers from across the country.

This year’s summit celebrated the theme of climate action, with SFI director general Prof Mark Ferguson emphasising that “you can make money and do good for the planet as well”.

We also heard from some of the attendees about how, through their research, they are working to make Ireland’s society more sustainable.

One of those investigators was Prof Kevin O’Connor, who was awarded the title of SFI Researcher of the Year at the event. O’Connor is director of the Beacon SFI Research Centre, where he and his team work to transform our natural resources into something of value for a “better, more sustainable society”.

In keeping with the theme of the event, SFI also revealed plans to plant between 30,000 and 40,000 trees to help combat the climate emergency.


Words by by Lisa Ardill