Roseanne Curtin of Verizon Media discusses the skills she draws upon in her busy engineering role.

As a software engineer at Verizon Media in Dublin, Roseanne Curtin needs to tend to tickets that arise on behalf of colleagues and clients, and deal with last-minute problems that might crop up throughout the work day.

She highlighted the technical proficiency needed to succeed in her job, but she also discussed the softer skills that are crucial for projects, adding that “teamwork is a very important part of it”.

After her afternoon engagements, such as stand-up meetings where colleagues can check in with one another, Curtin finds it challenging to leave her workload until the following day. For her, it’s important that she doesn’t get “caught up in daily tasks” and that she sets out time to look at the “bigger picture”.

“The hardest part of my day is probably leaving. It’s very easy to get caught up in one more thing,” she said.


Words by Lisa Ardill