The scary, relentless hazards of being a desk jockey (infographic)

27 Apr 2016

Step aside, deep sea oil drillers, move off the podium, bomb disposal engineers, keep quiet, miners. The dangers facing desk jockeys are mounting by the day.

Sitting in front of your computer right now, do you truly know the risks you’re taking being a desk jockey? Dirty keyboards, glaring screens, carpal tunnel syndrome, dodgy backs – you’re a goner.

Unless you learn more about it, and act accordingly. That’s why this infographic created by Framesdirect can help.

Everything from blood pressure to deficient digestion, poor circulation to brain fade, the travails seem never ending.

In truth, it is awfully unhealthy to spend all day in front of a screen, before heading home to do something almost identical on your couch. A bit of sport, some fresh air outdoors, anything to get your body functioning is an improvement on that stagnant norm.

Some odd tips like the 20-20-20 rule are featured in the infographic. That’s when you spend 20 seconds looking at something 20 metres away every 20 minutes in the office.

If your arms hurt, your legs ache or your eyes sting, change it up. If it persists, visit a doctor.

Oh, and clean your desk and keyboard, they’re disgusting.

Desk jockey hazards infographic

Desk jockey image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt
By Gordon Hunt

Gordon Hunt joined Silicon Republic in October 2014 as a journalist. He spends most of his time avoiding conversations about music, appreciating even the least creative pun and rueing the day he panicked when meeting Paul McGrath. His favourite thing on the internet is the ‘Random Article’ link on Wikipedia.

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