Man experiencing happiness at work.
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What is the secret to happiness at work?

15 May 2017

Are you happy when you’re at work? We’ve got some top tips for those of you struggling to get through the week.

OK, we know that not everyone skips to work every Monday morning excited to start work. If you do, great! Your workplace happiness is probably already maxed out.

However, if you’re part of the wider population that goes through some tough weeks when you don’t absolutely love your job, then you might need to find ways to increase your happiness.

In order to be content at work, you must first identify what is upsetting you. Is it the long commute? Are you going through a particularly stressful patch? Have you been eating badly lately?

There can be a huge number of factors contributing to you feeling unhappy in work. Just because it’s only in work that you feel this way, doesn’t mean external factors don’t play a part.

A bad night’s sleep, a lack of exercise or poor eating habits can all lead to you feeling sluggish, unproductive and unhappy in the workplace.

It’s an unfortunate cycle. Often, people who suffer from a bad week can start to feel stressed and miserable at work. This leads to lower productivity, a lack of focus and a desire to snack on sugary foods.

You might then not feel like exercising, instead indulging in comfort food from the takeaway and bingeing on your favourite show, resulting in a restless sleep.

If these habits continue, you might find yourself trapped in a slump at work, when it’s really very little to do with the work itself.

The key is to figure out what you could do to increase your happiness. If it’s your lifestyle, you can do something about it. If it really is your job making you unhappy, you might want to look at this further. Check out the tips in the infographic below from Career Savvy to increase your workplace happiness.

Man experiencing happiness at work

Infographic: Career Savvy

Jenny Darmody
By Jenny Darmody

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