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Use this infographic to improve your memory at work

15 Feb 2019

There are many benefits to improving your memory in the professional world and beyond. Use these techniques to sharpen your mind and retain more information.

Some people are naturally good at absorbing and retaining information. Meanwhile, others are the type who frequently think their car has been stolen because they forget where they parked it. A part of what is wondrous is about our world is this wild variety we’re blessed with.

Yet some fret that social media is destroying our attention spans and negatively impacting our memory. Many of the platforms are built upon the idea of giving users a relentless barrage of information and notifications at all times – you can see why this could erode one’s focus. It is likely that every modern person could do with tuning up their memory function, especially if they want to improve their focus and recall abilities in a professional context.

If you’re interested in doing just that, Davitt Corporate Partners has compiled this infographic listing the various things you can do to improve your memory.

Getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, caffeine ingestion, meditating and even adding blueberries to your diet could all aid your memory. Do you need to do them all simultaneously? No, but equally who are we to discourage you from living your best life? Go forth and leave no corner of human experience unexplored if you’re so inclined.

However, if you want to approach your pursuit of a better memory more steadily, start with taking a nap. Sleep deprivation has deleterious effects on all aspects of your health, memory included. A study from the University of Saarland has even found that a 45-minute power nap could improve memory fivefold.

Once you’ve successfully set yourself up to be in peak memory health, there are a few exercises you can do daily to improve memory. When you’re out grocery shopping, try to keep a list of the running total of your cart and see how close you get to the actual figure when you get to the checkout.

You could also try drawing a map from memory after returning home from a new place. Alternatively – and something that could be turned into a party trick with time – you could devote a few minutes a day to memorising capital cities of countries around the globe.

improve memory infographic

Click to enlarge. Infographic: Davitt Corporate Partners

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