Online courses can help your career (infographic)

12 Feb 2015

More and more people are looking at online courses to help further their career, with research showing it’s not a lesser approach to traditional college.

Historically, online courses were considered second-rate learning experiences, producing sub-standard results with people basically ‘buying their degree’.

As society has changed, that is no longer the case. This infographic, featured on Tech Infographics, highlights some of the myths surrounding online learning.

There are obviously pay-offs to learning online. For one, online courses are far less of a financial burden – for example, when it comes to purchasing books for the courses – but they do require plenty of self-motivation.

However, there are some stark benefits to searching the web for your ideal course. Variety, for one. In the tech world, there are so many strands to where you can add to your portfolio, sometimes the options online are too good to dismiss.

Elsewhere, and somewhat surprisingly, the one-to-one interaction with online courses is significantly better than many expect. As is the need to co-operate with people from all over the world, adding a significant social aspect.

online course stereotypes

Online college course image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt
By Gordon Hunt

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