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How to prepare for your next job interview

8 Sep 2017

Do you have a job interview coming up next week? Here’s how to make sure you’re fully prepared.

When you’re applying for your dream job, getting yourself in front of the recruiter is half the battle. You need to be able to show them on paper alone that you’re worthy of their time.

Once you’ve gotten that far, you should pat yourself on the back. But the work is far from over, as the interview will become one of the final factors to you getting that job.

So, how can you make sure you’re successful? There’s a reason preparation is the key to everything.

First of all, do your research. Know what the company is about, be familiar with what they do, how they work and what their unique selling point is.

With all of that information, you should also know why you want to work there, and you should be able to tell them what you’ll bring to the role or how you will benefit the company.

Once you’re familiar with the company as a whole, you need to be know the role you’re applying for inside out. When you sit down for your interview, the recruiter will want to know how good a fit you will be for the job. Make sure you’re familiar with what you will be doing and have demonstrable evidence that you are capable of doing those things.

Every job may be different, but there are some things that all recruiters will want to know, such as what makes you a good fit, why you left your last job and how well you handle conflict.

You should practise answering these in front of a mirror so you can check yourself for any nervous ticks or fidgets that you can correct ahead of the real interview.

If you’re well prepared, you’ll go a long way to acing that interview and landing your dream job. For more tips on interview preparation, check out the infographic below.

Interview tips

Infographic: EstateAgent Jobs

Jenny Darmody
By Jenny Darmody

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