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How to start a new job when you’re an introvert

8 Jun 2018

You natural introversion doesn’t have to be to your detriment. Here’s how you can still absolutely kill it at your first day on the job.

Some of the core tenets of working life can be stacked against the introverts of this world, unfortunately.

All workplaces, regardless of sector, are trending towards being team-oriented and collaborative. Offices are becoming open plan and hierarchies are being flattened. All of this invariably amounts to work becoming a more social enterprise with every passing year.

If you’re shy or otherwise finding interacting with people taxing, things such as meetings and interviews can feel impossible. So, how are you meant to cope when starting a new job?

Adjusting to a new environment is a heady affair to begin with, let alone having that be compounded by fielding interactions with a whole new cohort of people – people with whom it’s pretty vital that you can at least get along with harmoniously.

Fortunately, On Stride has whipped up a very helpful infographic addressing these concerns and offering some practical solutions.

For starters, researching the company and team in advance of your arrival can help to placate some of your first-day jitters. It will help you feel a little more in control and a little less lost.

It’s also a good idea to head to a nearby café 30 minutes before you’re due to arrive and take some time to yourself to get a coffee (or perhaps a soothing herbal tea, depending on your anxiety levels). This will also guarantee that you show up on time.

If the idea of being invited out to group activities by co-workers is daunting, you can instead arrange one-on-one coffee meetings with key people and then politely decline group invites. People will understand, and you’ll have already set aside times to establish important connections.

Though the artifice may feel a little strange, rehearsing or planning some of the things you may have to say (such as introductions during meetings) can also dispel any nerves.

For some more tips on tackling your first day in the office as an introvert, check out the infographic below.


Infographic: On Stride

Eva Short
By Eva Short

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