Car recall contagion continues with Volkswagen

11 Feb 2010

The car recall contagion continued across the auto makers today with the German car brand Volkswagen announcing it is to recall just up 200,000 vehicles in Brazil over a rear-wheel malfunction.

Volkswagen said there was a lubrication problem with the rear wheels of its Novo Gol and Voyage in Brazil which could cause them to seize up or, in extreme cases, fall off.

The German car maker can perhaps take some comfort from the fact that it is joining a line of auto makers issuing recalls.

Toyota has been in the headlines for the past two weeks owing to its various recalls over sticking accelerator pedals and brake problems.

Earlier this week, Honda announced it was extending its airbag inflation recall.

US car maker Ford also said this month that it is to fix a software problem in the brake system in two of its hybrid car models.

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