Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green tipped to lead Office division

27 Oct 2015

Julie Larson-Green on stage at Build

Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green is expected to take over the reins of the Office division, according to reports.

Microsoft is transitioning Office from being a mostly desktop experience to being a mobile service that works across multiple devices and platform types, including iOS and Android.

Larson-Green is a long-standing 20-year Microsoft veteran who became the first woman to run the Windows engineering team and ran Microsoft’s devices unit.

According to Re/Code, the corporate VP in charge of Office will move to a marketing leadership role.

Microsoft has been transforming Office to meet the expectations of a more mobile-oriented workforce who now use tools like Slack and Wrike alongside traditional productivity suites like Office.

The company has been particularly acquisitive, buying up companies like Acompli, Sunrise and Wunderlist in a strategy to rejuvenate and streamline Office for the mobile-first age.

Julie Larson-Green image by Michael Dunn via Flickr/Creative Commons

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years