10 memes only a chemist should get, but you will too

3 Jun 2015

Chemists represent one-third of what modern school kids consider ‘science’, attracting us away from physics and biology with potions, explosions and a relentlessly boring periodic table. These chemist memes will explain more.

For many of us who didn’t pursue a career in chemistry, our sole knowledge comes from pub quizzes, when we’re informed that SI isn’t the periodic symbol for Silver, and GO is similarly wrong for gold.

The whole realm of chemistry is as vast as it is varied. From standard pharmacists to process chemists, ailments and boosters are all sourced from the minds of those dedicated to furthering the more fast-moving arm of science.

What they do: Chemists are basically curious souls, investigating reactions between different chemical elements with varying size, pressures and temperatures each playing their part.

What they don’t do: Operate an intricate, often clumsy but nevertheless attention-grabbing meth lab right under the nose of their brother-in-law policeman.

Education requirements: A degree at the very least, with the learning field never really finishing. With every clever creation comes yet more room to learn.

Salary: According to Hays’ salary and recruiting trends report from last November, process chemists can get around €35,000 in Ireland, with analytical chemists nabbing a bit more (€40,000). The senior equivalents can garner €50,000, with development (€40,000) and formulation (€42,000) also leading to higher salaries with experience.

Here are some chemist memes, which are periodically funny. Boom.

Chemistry meme atom

Chemistry meme iron man

Chemistry meme ionic bond

chemistry meme solution

chemistry meme over reaction

chemistry meme barium

chemistry meme CuTe

Chemistry meme pressure diamond

chemistry meme Pie

chemistry meme helium doesn't react

Kid doing a science experiment image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt
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