10 memes only a QA tester should get, but you will too

27 May 2015

QA testers are a much-maligned group, conscripted to an eternal war with those blasted programmers on the other end of the phone.

Essentially rocking up after some software has been written up, QA testers check to see if things do what they are supposed to do.

Okay, that’s not entirely true, some programmers told me to say that. QA testers are there throughout the building process of a website, or game, or something like that.

They work, in theory, alongside developers, casting their eye over everything and anything, hunting bugs like chameleons, but with less exertion and more success.

Another key role QA testers provide is looking at what the developer made from a consumer’s point of view, which can be hard for a developer who has spent weeks and months knee deep in all the underlying code.

What they do: Test out software at various stages of its creation, seeking out the seemingly endless supply of bugs.

What they don’t do: Enjoy the company of developer colleagues after about two days of working together.

Education requirements: Degree in computer science/apps is a big one. Good knowledge of online business and some consumer appreciation is also key.

Salary: According to Hays’ salary and recruiting trends report from last November, test analysts can earn something like €45,000. QA analysts (€50,000), senior test analysts (€50,000), test leads (€60,000), technical leads (€65,000) and test managers (€75,000) complete the ladder.

Here is some QA humour, which largely relates to the engineer hatred. Enjoy!

QA Tester memes 01

QA Tester memes 02

QA Tester memes 03

QA Tester memes

QA Tester memes

QA Tester memes

QA Tester memes

QA Tester memes

QA Tester memes

Computer bug image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt
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