120 multinational jobs there for the taking

1 Dec 2010

The director of national recruitment company CareerWise Recruitment believes the tumultuous events of last week cannot stop enterprise and that people must be more flexible if they hope to continue in their careers or gain employment.

The company director, Joe Robbins, made his announcement upon the release of the a recently completed CareerWise annual employment opportunity survey of recruitment activity in multinational companies in Ireland.

“The economic turmoil of the past week will not stop the wheels of enterprise from turning,” said Robbins.

“We have not fallen off the cliff top; the world is still functioning and hopefully things will continue to pick up. Companies operating in the productive sector of the Irish economy are hiring but there are still skill shortages in key areas,” he added.

The survey also found the key message from potential employers is that people will need to be more flexible in terms of location if they want to continue in employment and develop their careers.

“We have over 120 open positions that we need to find candidates for; this compares to 76 open positions as of October 2009.”

Medical devices

The positions exist in quality and manufacturing engineers for top multinational companies, as well as supply chain personnel and people with pharmaceutical and medical devices experience.

Robbins says the biggest issue is finding people with the appropriate experience that are willing to relocate and that the medical devices sector is especially seeking to hire new staff – namely ICT software developers, technical support and systems engineers; and specialist electronics engineers (hardware and software), developers, microwave and RF engineers.

24pc increase in new positions

“We have experienced a 24pc increase in new positions from multinational clients in the last six months alone, driven primarily by the medical devices/pharma/life science sectors. This very broad and highly-skilled requirement demonstrates that Ireland is still recognised as a leader in these areas.

The survey also found that:

  • 55pc of companies have budgets or openings for 2011
  • 23pc estimated they had but were awaiting budget approval
  • 22pc were still unsure
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