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This is how AI is going to change the world of work

22 Feb 2019

This week in Careers, we explored how AI is set to influence your career in both the near and distant future.

Are you worried about how AI is going to impact your career? Is your job up for the chopping block in the automation age?

Just today (22 February), we reported on findings from University College Cork that state two out of every five jobs across Ireland are at high risk of automation. Jobs in Edgeworthstown, Co Longford, are particularly at risk as well as in Ballyjamesduff in Cavan and Cahir in Tipperary. The roles identified as being most prone to automation include office, secretarial, administrative and customer service jobs.

It’s a sobering report, and one that raises questions about how our society can better ready itself for the impending changes to the economy.

We also this week asked whether industries traditionally lauded as ‘future-proof’ – such as the software industry – are actually as safe from the effects of automation as they are said to be.

As well as changing, or possibly replacing, your role, it’s likely that AI will transform how you are hired and other HR duties. We examined some aspects of the recruitment process that will be shaped by emerging technologies.

AI architect is set to become one of the hottest roles of the year, yet you’d be forgiven for not immediately knowing what AI architecture is or what the job of AI architect entails. Luckily, our Careers editor Jenny Darmody is on the case and laid out what this career involves.

If you want to learn more from some people currently working in the AI industry, this week we also published a handy list of AI influencers to follow on Twitter.

Finally, in non-AI news, clinical pharma research firm Iqvia revealed today that it plans to create 100 new roles in Dublin.

For more on any of these stories, check out the link above.

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Eva Short
By Eva Short

Eva Short was a journalist at Silicon Republic, specialising in the areas of tech, data privacy, business, cybersecurity, AI, automation and future of work, among others.

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